Abstract Topics

Choose among the topics below when submitting your abstract:

  • Meta-omics techniques and integrative applications computational and statistical methods for microbiome research (Computational and statistical methods for microbiome research, Meta-omics techniques and integrative applications)
  • The first 1000 days of life: from pregnancy to infancy in health and disease (Pregnancy, pregnancy complications, fetal health, birth mode, lactation, infancy, early life microbiota and later health, factors affecting early gut colonization)
  • Gut Brain axis (in memory of Prof. John Bienenstock)
  • The forgotten members of the microbiome – mycobiome, virome, archaeome, parasitome
  • It’s not all about the gut: vaginal, oral and skin microbiomes in health and disease
  • Teasing out a mechanism: how does the microbiome contribute to disease (GI, Oncology, allergy, cardiometabolic health, infectious diseases and more)
  • Influence of diet and drugs on the human microbiome
  • From bench to bedside – using the microbiome in clinical trials (Pre/pro/postbiotics and fecal transplants – what does the future hold?)
  • Women’s health and the microbiome (vaginal microbiome, IVF, PCOS, menopause)
  • The human microbiome and the immune system
  • Animal and environmental microbiomes
  • Other