In 2022 the World of Microbiome evolves into a new unified event with carefully curated zones for the different aspects in which Microbiome research has a significant contribution – the microbiome of the mother and newborn (PBI), the microbiome of the digestive tract and metabolism (DMH) and the microbiome of the oral cavity (Oral).

The program will be a mix of educational and networking opportunities, focusing on the significance in the research and clinical outcomes for each specific zone but also on the interrelation between them and how this affect human health.

It’s a unique platform for both inter-disciplinary and basic-clinical exchange that enables high-level discussion about the study of microbiome that no audience-specific event can equal.

We would bring the understanding of diseases and the interrelation between pregnancy, digestive and oral microbiome to the next level to overcome knowledge microbial medicine gaps and hurdles which limit disease prevention, diagnosis, and cures.

Have a look at the abstract topics to get an idea what to expect.