Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

The World of Microbiome will be a Virtual Conference!

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. The current coronavirus crisis has prompted us to take extraordinary measures.

Even in difficult times, advancing scientific knowledge about the microbiome and its impact on human health remains our top priority. We believe that exchanging medical research and sharing novel insights is more important than ever before.

Therefore, the 2 events of the World of Microbiome series will not be postponed, instead, will be held together as 1 entirely virtual conference. We must continue to exchange clinical data, share novel insights and still discuss findings together.

The World of Microbiome 2020 has risen to the coronavirus challenge and the virtual conference format will enable us to meet and interact while we all remain safe in our own country, our hospital, our university or our office. You will be able to attend both World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy and World of Microbiome: Digestive & Metabolic Health Conferences with one registration.

Together we can build a stronger community through learning and exchange. Share your science, your insights, your experiences and your expertise through your participation.

Become part of the virtual World of Microbiome!

To read more about the benefits of the Virtual Conference and what to expect, click here.